Behi always tries to bring stylish, intelligent and innovated appliances into your home. Quality and price are critical factors in our mission when we develop business with our overseas partners. Behi responds to modern life demands by innovative designs and our history is presenting this. Your kitchen seems more nice and modern by Behi’s products. This is the result our customers have trusted.

We understand new life’s requirements by continuous research and unique expertise. This let us to provide a high level of performance and innovation in our products. By using Behi home appliances you save precious resources and not waste energy.

We welcome all worldwide customers and have full confidence that we provide a long term satisfaction and never leave your home!

New Products

  • BWA-50089

    Design: White, Varnished housing Load 5,5 kg Door opening 33 cm; Angle of door opening 180 Stainless steel drum Spin…

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  • BRS- 45DL4SA

    Net capacity 590 L LED display and adjustable temperature with computer control European A class Low noise design Broad climate…

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  • Rice Cooker – BMB-FZ5015

    Capacity : 1.8litr 895W Steam Cooking Slow/Fast Cooking High Quality and Thick Pot Automatic Keeping Warm Food Spatula/ladle

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  • BTR–73NV

    Net capacity 620 L Frost free type 3D style and twe tone mirror finished door Upright metal handle European B…

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  • BTR–3K

    Net capacity 80 L Direct cooling type European C class Clear back with built in conderser Door stopper Auto defrost…

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  • BRS-32DL4SA

    Four star freezer Energy saving design European A class Low noise design Broad climate design Reversible door Interior light design…

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