Air Purifier – BWY-33A23

  • Power:80W
  • The body design in a hole of mosquito-repellent incense which could drive off the mosquito
  • The function of photo catalyst not only could resolve harmful gas and some inorganic compound but also restrain bacteria growth and viral activity. In a word, it could purify air, sterilize, deodorize and mould proof.
  • Dynamic digital LED and infrared remote control
  • 9 hours timer
  • Three speeds to choose
  • Three types of wind to choose: natural, sleep and normal
  • Mesh enclosure could be air-outed by 360 degrees
  • Automatic protection if excess temperature on the motor so that the life of the fan is longer and we use safely
  • Quiet and comfort as the noise is very low
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 42 x 21.6 x 81.6 cm


This is one of the fans from our air humidification fan series, using the latest design concept. The fan not only looks beautiful and unique with a novel structure, but is also functional and easy to use and clean. It uses the concept of a combination of new features in fans such as electric mosquito repellent and humidifying functions to give the users value-added experience with our appliance. The negative ion generator can release negative oxygen ions to improve sleep quality, sterilization and to relieve fatigue. Using the humidifier function will result in mist to be spread into the atmosphere through the wind-driven device, so it can give the effect of humidified air. Besides, the cold fog has the effect of cosmetology to add up the water of human skin. The negative ion with high frequency oscillation can wipe off the static electricity and keep the air clean so that you live in the healthy and comfortable environment. The bottom of the product has four casters which can revolve right and left, front and behind multi-angles. No matter where you sit, you can share the chilly breeze. It’s the first choice of cooling product to be used in the household and office.

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